Make Your Own Bunny Ears and Tail

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When Alex was little, we used to have these white bunny ears on a headband.  He liked to put them on our dog, Cliffy, a female German Shepard named after Clifford, the big Red dog.  I think we still have them somewhere, but Sophia and I thought we could make our own AND include a bunny tail to go with.  Today we share the results of our Bunny Ear and Tail making.

First, although younger kids will love to wear these, making them is a better activity for older kids or adults. There is lots of hot glue gun activity involved, that’s primarily why.  I guess younger kids would make great assistants for wrapping the yarn around the cardboard for the tails, but most of the steps are best for older kids.

To make ours, we used a headband, pipe cleaner, felt, hot glue and yarn.  I wish we’d had white pipe cleaners, and recommend using them instead of the brown if you have them. We’re just on a mission to use up some of our excess craft supplies so we decided to go with the brown.  Anyway, the steps we followed are below.


  • Headband
  • Felt
  • Pipecleaner
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Cardboard
  • Clips
  • Safety Pin
  • Our Bunny Ear Pattern

Bunny Ears, Step 1: Cut out the Ears –
You can either free-form cut, 4 bunny ear shapes out of your white felt, or use our pattern.  You’ll also want to cut the inner pink part of the ear–two pieces for that.


Bunny Ears, Step 2: Prep the Pipe cleaners –
You’ll need two pipe cleaners for each ear.  You’ll want to twist them together at one end and then bend them to be sort of bunny ear shaped.

Bunny Ears, Step 3: Glue the Pipe cleaner to Felt –
The pipe cleaner is what holds the ear up, so next you’ll glue it to one side of the felt. Make sure to let an inch or so of the pipe cleaner hang over the edge of the bottom for securing the ear to the headband.


Bunny Ears, Step 4: Glue the Ear Together –
Once the pipe cleaner is glued down, run glue along the outer edges of the ear and stick the  other half of your ear down.


Bunny Ears, Step 5: Add the Inner Pink –
To complete the ear creation, run glue along the back side of the pink piece and then stick it on the middle of the ear.  That will complete the ear–now it’s ready to attach to the headband.


Bunny Ears, Step 6: Attach Ears to Headband –
To Attach the ears, you’ll twist the ends of the pipe cleaner that was left at the bottom around the headband.  I had one of the ends in the front and the other in the back and then crisscross twisted them so the felt secure standing straight.

2kids-BunnyEarsandTail8  2kids-BunnyEarsandTail6


Bunny Ears, Step 7: Bend the Ears –
To give the ears a more natural look, bend them a bit so they’re not standing straight up.

That’s it, they’re ready to try on…but you might want to wait ’til you complete the tail…

As for the tail, I’m going to direct you to an awesome site with instructions on how to make the best yarn pom poms ever, Mr. Printables Blog.  Below are pictures of our steps, following their instructions:

Once you’ve completed your bunny tail, use the safety pin to attach it.  Here’s Sophia Modeling ours:


What do you think? Would your kids love hopping around in their own bunny ears and tail?  Let us know what you think!

Happy Easter Everyone,

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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