Creating a Game Room Your Whole Family Will Love

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Family Playing Board Game At Home With Grandparents Watching

Upgrading a room in your home can not only give your family a place to play together, it can also increase your resale value. On average, homeowners spent $79,000 on a family room and recouped $50,000 of that when selling their home. If you’ve been mulling over the idea of a family room makeover, use these tips to create a game room that everyone will love.

Furniture for comfortable gaming

The right furniture can make or break your awesome new game room. If you want to have board games for family gaming, you’ll need sofas or arm chairs, plus a large table to support the game board. For interactive gaming or movie viewing, you may prefer close-to-the-floor beanbags or floor poufs. Ottomans also work well as all-purpose storage units that double as seating.

To keep the room looking clean and organized, invest in media storage for all of your games, DVDs and CDs. Standing media towers hold plenty of DVDs and CDs without taking up too much floor space. For board games, consider standing cabinets or storage chests that double as side tables.

Finally, lighting is key to a good game room as it creates the ambiance needed for a fun game night! Use task lighting for gameplay areas and install adjustable ambient lighting for the rest of the room. If your family room receives bright sunlight, consider adding thick drapery to block light that can distort the television screen or create blind spots during gameplay. Browse drapery at sites like The Shade Store and invest in a style that is both functional and in alignment with your room’s design aesthetic.

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Must-have gadgets

A game room is just another room without the right gadgets to make it a truly one-of-a-kind space. Your family game room will be the envy of the neighborhood if it includes various levels of entertainment, like game tables with foosball or pool. If your budget is tight, you can find multipurpose game tables that convert between several games. Note that if you hope to add a game table, be it foosball or pool, you will need at least 3 to 5 feet of additional space around the game table for comfortable play.

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Going all out? Consider a ceiling-mounted projector that connects to your deluxe cable package, so you can watch sporting events and movies. There is truly no substitute for watching the big game in high-definition in your own home.

Finally, make the environment a comfortable one for everyone by adding a wet bar, mini fridge and snack pantry with basic kitchen appliances. Keep the pantry and bar filled with healthy snacks, indulgences and cold beverages. With a mini pantry and microwave, you can make the popcorn and still take your turn in the game.

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Decorating your game room

The final step in creating your amazing family room is adding a personal spin through decorating. If you love old movies or action flicks, you might decorate with movie posters. If everyone in your family loves sports, perhaps team pennants or photos of favorite athletes make more sense. Consider involving the entire family in the game room decor by asking everyone to brainstorm themes and then voting as a family. Everyone can help make the winning theme come alive through contributing decor, helping to paint the room or completing other small tasks.

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Happy Family Time Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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