Plants for Mom – Now and Later

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)


I’m a mom who loves plants.  So, when Grandma Sue came up with this cool idea for a Mother’s Day gift idea, was excited to make it…cuz I knew I’d get to keep it 😀

I thought it was cool because it’s a two step gift.  The kids can help pot the plant in the main planter, then, they can help plant the seeds in the second with Mom, later. It’s also good for kids of most ages to help with, even younger kids can help scoop some soil into the planter and draw a picture to include with the note to Mom.

If any mom in your life likes plants, and you want to try you’re own Now & Later Planter, here are the steps we took for ours:

What you need:2kids-MothersDayFlower10

  • Two planters, one large and one smaller
  • A small planter banner on a metal rod
  • A plant
  • A packet of flower seeds
  • Some wire
  • A note and/or picture from the kids
  • Potting soil
  • A few stones

Step 1: Pot Plant
First take some small stones and place them in the bottom of the large planter so that too much loose soil doesn’t fall through the drainage holes. Next, take some of the potting soil and add it to the bottom of your larger planter.  Younger kids can easily help with this part.  Finally, add the plant and fill in the edges with additional soil, pressing the plant in firmly.

Add rocks to the bottom.

Add rocks to the bottom.


Scoop in soil

Scoop in soil

Add plant and additional soil

Add plant and additional soil

Press soil down firmly.

Press soil down firmly.

Step 2: Wire the Banner
This step is best for adults or older kids. To get the smaller planter attached to the banner, you’ll need to wire it.

First stick the banner rod through the hole in the bottom of the smaller pot and wrap it with wire. Then stick the wire through one of the additional drainage holes in the bottom of the pot (see pic).  Then, wrap more wire around the rod sticking through the underneath part of the pot (see pic).  Trim excess wire.



Step 3: Insert Small Pot
Now you want to insert the rod with the banner and smaller pot attached into the larger plant.  Play with what looks best.  This isn’t a difficult step, so with some help a younger assistant can easily help with it.



Step 4: Make a small card or picture for Mom
This is the time when all the kids get to help.  Everyone can write mom a note or draw her a picture that will be folded and added to the small planter along with the seed packet.


Step 5: Add Seed Packet and Card/Picture
When everyone has finished their special message or picture for mom, fold them all up and stick them into the smaller pot.  Then add the packet of seeds and you’re done!


Any Mom who likes plants will love this gift from the kids.  It’s a gift that keeps giving with the plant, the seeds and the notes and pictures.  I know I love mine and I knew I was getting it!

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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  1. laura Says:

    Love this idea – I’m going to set my kids up with this to do for their grandmothers:)

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