Salads are for Spring Time

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)


Before we get into the details of these delicious salads, I will be honest and say that my kids do not eat any of them. Sophia will eat the tomato and avocado salad, but the word ‘salad’ is never met with abounding joy in the Two Kids house.  Except for mom, that is…I love each and everyone of these salads.

For me, spring is when I start craving salads…I guess after excess time in the polar vortex, the body starts craving the freshness that salads represent.  I’m hoping someday my kids get the same cravings. For now, they are required to at least taste.  Alex’s tastes have come back around as he’s gotten older, so I’m hopeful they’ll both embrace more variety every year.  I guess we’ll see.

Now, if you’re family craves salads as I do this time of year, we’ve got a few in our recipe box you might want to try:

Tomato Avocado Salad
As I mentioned, this is the salad that Sophia likes. Alex will also eat the avocado portion. It is pretty good with the creaminess of the avocados and the sweet bite of the tomatoes. It’s also a pretty simple recipe, chefs of all ages can easily help make it.

Black Bean Corn Salsa Salad –
I love all Mexican and Mexican-inspired food. This recipe is one of those Mexican-inspired dishes that is delicious with chips or tacos or alone.  My kids aren’t fans, but if your family likes the taste of the southwest, they’ll like this.  It’s another good recipe for making with kids with all the chopping, pouring and mixing.

Veggie Pizza Salad
This recipe was inspired by our love of Pizza.  Italian seasoning, cheese, tomatoes, green peppers, olives…the tasty toppings you’d find on a Veggie Pizza are all included.  And again, it’s an easy recipe.

Harvest Orange Salad
This is actually more of a fall salad, but it is still one of my favorites–I love spinach and squash.  It’s also a fun salad because it’s got lots of orange, so it can help reinforce learning of colors for young chefs.

Jicama Sweet Pea Slaw
If you’ve never tried jicama, this is a good recipe to experiment with.  We’d actually never had jicama before either.  We just decided to buy some and play with it.  This recipe is the result of the experimentations.

I love tabouli.  Sometime I make a big bowl and then snack on it for the week.

Sesame Carrot Salad
Carrots are usually a veggie that even the pickiest kids like.  Sophia likes raw carrots…Alex isn’t a a fan. I’ve been trying to find ways to incorporate more carrots (and other veggies) into our diets, and this salad was the result.

The thing with salads is that they are easy and fun to make with the kids.  Even if they won’t eat them, they’ll have fun making them with you!

Happy Salad Making (and Eating) Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia


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