About Two Kids
Like most families, we are very busy. But, we do our best to spend time together having fun. Sometimes that fun is cooking or making something crafty. Sometimes it’s planting something and sometimes it’s just watching Dr. Who together.

For us, family time includes extended family whenever possible…like Grandma and Aunt Dani, and the rest of the bunch, too!

We created Two Kids Cooking & More to provide cooking, crafting and gardening books and activity kits for families. We strive to expand creativity, imagination and educational opportunities for all families looking for fun ways to spend time together.  Our books and kits provide simple, creative projects for multi-generational families. We do our best to help families create lifelong memories and build skills the kids will carry with them into adulthood.

About Alex
Alex is an freshman who, in addition to cooking, loves science and technology. He’s a self-proclaimed ‘techno-geek’ with the goal of becoming a computer engineer in the future–with a ‘retirement career’ in weapons design.

Playing DOTA is a past-time he enjoys, he plays the trumpet and just started piano lessons. He’s also captain of the speech team where he is a medaled speaker in the extemporaneous speaking category.

About Sophia

Soph is a 5th grader this year. She’s not only a serious cook, but also a serious party planner. She loves helping prepare meals and make things look festive and pretty. Her flair for decoration extends beyond the kitchen, to her wardrobe and body. As you watch the show, make sure to take a close look at her hair for a soft sparkle of glitter spray, or her bicep for a fresh temporary tattoo.

She’s also a big time animal lover who never gets enough of her pets, which include: Our two cats, Sweetie and Ginger, her Dog at her Dad’s, Cliffy, and multiple fish. There’s no shock in the news that her ‘when-I-grow-up’ goals include ‘animal doctor’, along with baker and mom 😀

About Mom
By day, Mom is a full-time corporate employee, blessed enough to work for a forward thinking company who has a work from home policy.  When she’s not working, she can be find creating stuff and having fun with her kiddies!

About the Grandma
Grandma has been interested in cooking and arts and crafts since she was about 8 years old and was fortunate to have grown up in a home where she was allowed to explore those interests and try new things.

When she became a mom she wanted to instill those same interests in her own children. She loved being a mom and eventually that lead her to become daycare mom . That was her first group experience with  kids cooking, crafting and gardening.  During those crazy days of cooking or crafting with six, 4 year olds, she learned to view creativity and imagination in a “glass-is-always-half-full” way.  The next step seemed natural to her…she went to work as a kindergarten classroom aid. She’s also taught several craft classes for kids and adults.

About Aunt Dani
London, England is where Aunt Dani lives with her husband Steve.  She is a primary school teacher and that keeps her very busy…..there are 22 three year olds in her class!  She is always looking for new and creative cooking and crafting ideas to integrate into her lessons.

Some of her favorite activities include cooking (of course!), painting and drawing, reading, hiking and being outside.  She especially loves cooking.  Hours of her day can be spent on finding new recipes to try out and share with friends.  Getting everyone involved in the kitchen creating delicious food is a perfect day for her.


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