Two Kids (and a Mom) Cooking

Welcome to our website!

We’re so excited to share what we’re all about and our show idea with you. So you can see exactly who you’re dealing with, please watch our introduction video first:

Now that you’ve met us, here are our ideas…

Working Title:
Two Kids (and a Mom) Cooking
Alex and Sophia, Lead Cooks & Activity Coordinators
Kelly, Mom, Assistant Cook & Chief Dishwasher
Show length/format:
30 minute, weekly episodes
Demonstrative with On-Location visits
Educating families about how easy it is too cook, learn & have fun together in the kitchen, garden and when out trying new foods.
Encompass all aspects of meal preparation from planning, shopping, cooking, presenting and eating
Provide first hand perspectives from the kids on different types of food, likes/dislikes and why
Other areas to emphasize throughout the show include:
– Families who eat home cooked food eat healthier overall.
– Kids who learn to cook become adults who cook (valuable skill)
– Provides families quality time together
The primary target audience would be mothers who like to cook, are concerned with their kid’s nutritional needs and who are always looking for ideas on ways to spend time with their kids. However, you’ll see in the YouTube demographics below, there is potential to reach kids 13 to 17 as well.

Current YouTube Demographics:
Current Viewership: Stats – 3,800 to 5,000 views per month (all sources)
iTunes – Approx. 1,800
YouTube – Approx. 941

The remainder are from other sources:

– 5Min – Yahoo
– Howcast – Flickr
– iFoodTV – Viddler
– – Our web site
Sample Show Ideas:
Here are a few samples of ideas we have for the show. They would work in our current format as well, but we could expand with some help.

Popular Episodes:
Here are some of our most popular episodes:
2 Kids Cooking TV: Fairy Berry Bake-off
2 Kids Cooking TV: Patio Herb Garden
2 Kids Cooking TV: Cat & Dog Treats-Gifts for Pets

BUT, all of our episodes are available for perusing at:
Our Website, (which you are at right now)
Other Opportunities:
A successful family food oriented show presents multiple other opportunities to provide our audience with tools, information and resources they want and need. I have tons of ideas, a few of which include:
– A monthly kids cooking club
– Family Cooking Activity Kits
– A cookbook
– A signature line of kids gourmet cooking tools
– Family Cooking workshops/curriculum
– etc…

We hope that provides a clear snapshot of our idea. We’re excited for your feedback, and as I mentioned in the video, I’ll be in touch in about a week to follow-up. If you have any questions, please call or email via the contact information I provided.

We appreciate your time and consideration. Thank you!

Happy Family Cooking,

Kelly, Alex and Sophia
Two Kids (and a Mom) Cooking

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